Puppy allegedly shot by Kulai council personnel

Written by: mottaman | 05 Nov 2018 14:10
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05 Nov 2018 14:10

What in the world were they thinking?

Two men allegedly from the Kulai Municipal Council in Johor are believed to be behind the senseless and inhumane shooting of a six-month-old puppy.

According to reports in the Chinese media, the puppy had about 42 pellets shot at it using a BB gun, a type of air gun and was left lying on the road.

The puppy was not a stray but belongs to one of the residents in the area.

The incident unfolded about 4pm recently when the owner, Xu Jing Rong, 30, was at home in Bandar Putra, Kulai, while Vicky, the puppy was roaming around in the neighbourhood.

Apparently, the puppy likes to roam around outside and other residents were familiar with it.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and upon checking, Xu found Vicky lying near a car, bleeding badly.

She then noticed the two men, believed to be involving in an exercise to shoot crows, quickly backing off.

She rushed Vicky to the vet where it was revealed that the puppy's body was riddled with pellets.

It was discovered that the puppy had a total 42 pellets in her body and several x-rays were also done before surgery was performed.

Unfortunately, only 16 pellets could be removed as the other 26 were too dangerous to extricate.

Though the puppy has been stabilised, it is still at risk of suffering from lead poisoning and may need to undergo more surgery.

Vicky was also using a collar which shows clearly that the puppy belongs to someone.

CCTV footage also revealed that the men boarded a van which belonged to the council.

The owner has since lodged a police report and apparently an investigation is underway.

Action must be taken against those responsible.

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