Poor state of some Malaysians

Written by: MT Reader | 05 Jan 2019 13:58
Written by:
05 Jan 2019 13:58

While most kids were excited and looking forward to their first day of school with new clothes and all, many were not so fortunate.

For many Malaysians out there, providing their families with a decent meal a day is an uphill struggle, let alone sending their kids to school.

On Monday, teachers at a school were moved when a boy turned up wearing shoes and pants several sizes bigger.

They belonged to his elder brother and were passed on to him.

Unable to afford any new clothes for him, his parents were forced to send him to school using his elder brother's over sized attire.

Hats off to the teachers from the school who later took the boy shopping and got him some proper attire.

It is sad that some of us have to live in such dire straits while others plundered and robbed the nation - they wine and dine in luxury and cruise around the world.

But remember, it is better to pay in this world than having to pay in the next world.

You may live like kings here, thieving from the people, but you will pay for it one day.

Rosman Yusof

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