Outrage over bullying of innocent boy (video)

Written by: mottaman | 25 Apr 2019 11:56
Written by:
25 Apr 2019 11:56

Guys, lets make this bully famous ... picking on a defenseless, little boy.

The incident occurred on Monday evening, believed to be in Kepong.

An older boy is seen teasing the little boy who is seated on a bench, while voices are heard in the background encouraging the bully.

All the little boy does is lower his head and cry, while trying to protect himself.

Following a bout of verbal abuses, the bully then spits on the boy and when the victim wipes it off, he does it again.

Chinese papers said the video was taken by a friend of the bully.

Following the video, netizens are outraged and have urged the police to track down and nab the bully.

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