Openly smokes with dog by his side (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Jan 2019 13:49
Written by:
12 Jan 2019 13:49

Videos of a man blatantly ignoring the smoking ban and also bringing his dog along to a restaurant has caused some outrage among social media users.

For one, he is totally ignoring the smoking ban and secondly, though it is an Indian restaurant, does that give him the right to bring the dog along.

I guess some Muslims also frequent Indian restaurants right?

It is people like him who give Malaysians a bad name.

Okay fine, perhaps the people can accept the dog to an extent, but to openly ignore the smoking ban?

This is surely something unacceptable.

Well, maybe he is out to gain some fame on social media?

Roderick Gomez
Petaling Jaya

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