No more taxes please, says reader

Written by: MT Reader | 13 Oct 2018 14:00
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13 Oct 2018 14:00

Everyone was shocked and also worried when the government announced it would introduce new taxes in the upcoming Budget 2019 announcement.

While we accept that the previous BN administration was terrible, we do not want to be constantly reminded of their failures.

As Malaysians, we are already burdened with numerous issues like the high cost of living, crime rates and the high number of illegals living among us.

The last thing we need now is more taxes to further burden us.

We no longer want the present government to keep on reminding us of the past screw ups, but instead want to see action to overcome these issues.

It is time for action, not finger pointing anymore.

In my opinion, by introducing more taxes, it would further shrink the economy, apart from burdening the rakyat.

Please put on your thinking caps and get cracking. It has been several months already and it is time for results.

If the PH government, keeps up this pace, then probably the rakyat will be seeking a third force come the next general election.

We are tired of having been taken for a ride all these years and now, we are not afraid of any change.

Andrew Soong
Shah Alam

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