Nationwide Express or Nationwide Delay?

Written by: MT Reader | 18 Sep 2019 12:22
Written by:
18 Sep 2019 12:22

On Sept 7, I placed orders for mooncakes from the Baker's Cottage website to be delivered to Ayer Keroh, Malacca. When I placed the order, there was a pop up window on the website informing me that Sept 8 was the last day for customers to place orders in order for delivery to take place before the mooncake festival on 13 Sept.

Having placed my order before the Sept 8 deadline, I was confident that the mooncakes would reach in time. I tracked the delivery progress using the website of the courier service provider, Nationwide Express. The packaged arrived in the company's office in Malacca on Sept 11.

But the mooncakes had been lying in the courier company's office for at least five days. When calls were made to seek clarification, I was informed that Nationwide Express was short of manpower. For days, a national courier company cannot deliver items to a thriving part of Malacca due to lack of manpower!

On Sept 13 - the actual date of the Mooncake Festival -  I called up Baker's Cottage to enquire. I was informed that the delay was due to the courier company and a full refund would be made. And the mooncakes would continue to be delivered the following week.

When I called on Sept 17 around 5pm, the customer service representative could not ascertain if the mooncakes had yet been delivered. I was informed that a delivery attempt was made and the company could not contact the delivery personnel who was out and about on the day!

I am just worried that by the time the mooncakes are delivered, they would have gone bad. The cakes are for important business clients! There's also the element of festive timeliness. Getting the mooncakes late is like receiving Christmas presents in January. Seriously, Nationwide Express should just change its name to Nationwide Slow Service.

I believe if I had walked from Shah Alam (where the mooncakes were collected) to Ayer Keroh, I would have reached, with enough time for a return trip!

Kuala Lumpur

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