Misunderstanding at hypermarket gets out of hand

Written by: mottaman | 31 Jan 2019 18:39
Written by:
31 Jan 2019 18:39

A woman took to Facebook recently to relate her unpleasant experience at a hypermarket in Shah Alam.

Apparently, she was waiting in line when an item she wanted to purchase could not be scanned and she asked her daughter to run in to a shelf nearby and get a replacement.

When the daughter got back she got a shock to notice another woman in oine screaming at her mother for apparently holding up the queue.

Apparently she called the mother some names.

According to a witness, both women then got into an argument, but the other woman crossed the line by calling the first woman "keling" which is very derogatory to the Indians.

Things got worse when the second woman, with a child in the trolley then actually threw a shampoo bottle at the first woman.

The second woman's husband then tried to intervene, but the woman refused to listen and began screaming further.

At that point, the first woman had walked away.

Later on it was actually revealed that the first woman was in fact not even an Indian, but a Malay.

There was no need at all for anyone here to pull out the racial card, no matter what.

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