Merciless killing of dogs in Kuantan (video)

Written by: mottaman | 26 Jan 2019 16:04
Written by:
26 Jan 2019 16:04

 Malaysians across the nation are outraged and urging for action to be taken following viral videos of some foreign workers, allegedly from Kuantan mercilessly killing and then eating dogs.

Following the video, the company concerned had posted an apology on the Malaysia Animal Association Facebook page.

The company said it apologised on behalf of it's foreign workers and that it would conduct an internal investigation into the matter.

"We will take disciplinary action against those responsible.

"We will also be educating our foreign workers on the norms and cultures in Malaysia," they said.

In two videos which have since gone viral, the workers, believed to be from Vietnam are seen catching and then killing a dog, before cutting it up to be cooked.

Animal lovers have since urged the relevant authorities to take some serious action against those involved.

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