Man caught throwing stones at limping dog (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 19 Dec 2018 15:22
Written by:
19 Dec 2018 15:22

Does anyone know what really happened here and why this man is throwing stones at an innocent dog?

All I know is that animal lovers are outraged over this video which went viral on such groups today.

From the accompanying note, it just said that someone tried to take the dog to safety, but the man waited patiently before pelting the animal with stones.

The dog can already be seen limping and yet the man continued to attack the animal.

I urge those concerned to please look into this and why the man resorted to such violent actions.

Crimes against animals have been on the rise in the past and something needs to be done urgently to stop this.

Cindy Mathews
Kuala Lumpur

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