Loan sharks splash paint on houses, cars in Klang

Written by: mottaman | 04 Apr 2019 11:10
Picture from Chinese press
Written by:
04 Apr 2019 11:10

Just like rodents, illegal loan sharks are everywhere these days and sadly becoming bolder each day.

Recently, a residential area in Klang was shaken when loan sharks splashed red paint on 18 cars and 14 houses - most of which had nothing to do with the debt in question.

According to reports in the Chinese press, the incident took place in Taman Pendamar Indah about 3.30am on April 2.

Apparently, a similar incident occurred just about two weeks ago.

A relative of the debtor said loan sharks had then splashed red paint on his front door and also damaged his neighbour's house.

The loan sharks had also issued numerous threats to them and also sent videos of them setting things on fire.

The relative believes that the debtor owes money to about 10 different loan sharks and he has been dragged into the matter though he has nothing to do with it.

He said the debtor was long ago kicked out of the family house for stealing and taking drugs.

Those affected have since lodged police reports and now fear the loan sharks may set their homes and cars on fire.

It is high time the authorities introduced some really tough penalties on these illegal operators.

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