Lecturer who asked students for cash to pass exams

Written by: mottaman | 13 Jan 2019 13:42
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13 Jan 2019 13:42

A student took to Twitter recently over allegations that a woman lecturer at a private college here had blackmailed students if they wanted to pass in their examinations.

According to the former student, he claimed that the lecturer had on several occasions borrowed money from students and then refused to repay them.

He claimed that more than 10 undergraduates were blackmailed into giving her up to RM500 on claims that the college's student affairs department needed the money.

According to some of the messages posted between a student and the lecturer, the student had even given her some jewelry as she was pressured by the lecturer.

The student apparently had no choice but to hand over the jewelry or risk getting low marks or even failing her exams.

The actions by the lecturer had allegedly tarnished the good image of Kolej Universiti Poly-tech Mara (KUPTM).

To make matters worse, the management had allegedly ignored all complains from the students and as a last resort, they took to social media.

Following the exposure, KUPTM CEO, Nordin Ahmad said stern action had been taken against the lecturer and she had resigned with immediate effect.

He said KUPTM was greatly disturbed by the lecturer's actions and they had investigated and acted against her.

According to The Star, Nordin said the lecturer had also admitted to her actions.

Also, a police report had been lodged to ensure the case was thoroughly investigated.

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