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Written by: mottaman | 25 Dec 2018 09:04
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25 Dec 2018 09:04

Facebook user, Joanne Kay was at the Atria Shopping Centre on Dec 23 about 4.15pm.

According to her post, she was on the concourse floor and walked into the Aeon Wellness with her toddler in a shopping trolley.

There, she said she noticed a man wearing a grey top, black pants and a black cap worn reverse staring at her.

She caught him doing this twice and when she walked off, he followed her and each time she tried to confront him, he moved away.

She then managed to spot a security guard and as she was being led to the customer service counter, she spotted the man again and pointed him out to the security guards.

At that point, the man ran out of the shopping centre followed by two security guards.

Joanne said she was particularly upset with the customer service as all they did was ask her to fill a complain form.

She then demanded to see the manager and a woman, the centre manager, Vivian came to see her.

"Vivian came within minutes after she was paged and after i told her what happened, all she said was "oh ... thank you for your report". 

"I questioned her ... don't you want to pull up any CCTV footage so that you could inform all your security guards about this to keep your shoppers safe?

"I was willing to spend time to do it and even told her the possibilities of him following other women and them getting molested or worst even raped. All she did was just laugh in my face and say it would not happen. For goodness sake, are you even aware or concerned of your shopper's safety?," said Joanne.

Atria Shopping Gallery please look into this and have more action plans in place when things like this happen. Your security guards are clueless on what to do and your duty manager is redundant. DO NOT take things like this lightly because your shoppers might just end up victims.

Later that day, Joanne updated her post:

6pm: Thanks to those who shared this post, someone who works in one of the shops in the mall reached out to me and forwarded pictures (via their CCTV) of the same guy to identify him. Apparently he has committed other crimes (stolen money from shops) in the mall on other occasions. 

6.45pm: Someone commented on my post saying she experienced the same thing from a guy with the same profile on Dec 10 and he even followed her into the washroom! She has spoken to the Atria mall management on this but no action taken since then! 

7pm: Shin from Atria's marketing department called me up to clarify the situation and said that they had alerted security and will keep me posted.

8.15pm: I have sent all the information I have to the mall management (and they are trying to reach the other victim who commented in this post) and have posted the picture of the person below in the comments so that everyone can be aware and vigilant about this (especially single ladies and those with kids).

9.45pm: After posting the picture of the guy, another lady has commented below on her same unfortunate experience on Nov 20 with the same guy. Enough to say that this person has been lurking in this mall and doing the same MO. Have forwarded this incident to the mall management to follow up as well. 

Following this incident, Joanne was later informed that the Atria management had nabbed the suspect and he is in police custody and they have duly updated their statement on the Atria FB page to update all shoppers. It is adviced that all victims come forward to make their police reports respectively at Damansara Uptown police station so that the police can build a substantial case against him.

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