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Written by: MT Reader | 11 Jan 2018 16:27
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11 Jan 2018 16:27

Life is not easy being a blind man, especially with so many irresponsible, heartless people around.

Following a session with the blind recently, I learnt that Malaysians are not very willing to lend a hand to a blind man in need.

One of the participants at the session told me he was once trying to cross a busy street and had to wait almost 30 minutes before someone actually helped him.

He said he stood there with his walking stick and despite waving it in the air, asking for help, nobody assisted him.

Only after about 30 minutes, he said a traffic policeman came by and helped him across the road.

Another participant related how no one helped him press the desired floor when he got on an elevator.

He got off on the wrong floor and waited for assistance before he was able to find the floor he was looking for.

Other participants also had their share of stories and it is all very disheartening.

We are fortunate to have our sight, but not all have it.

Be more courteous please people, there are those who need our help and let us not turn them away.

Daniel Aruna
Counselor and  volunteer worker

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