How do you explain this, DBKL? (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 06 Mar 2019 12:13
Written by:
06 Mar 2019 12:13

I recently read reports about how DBKL enforcement officers seized items belonging to some local youths who had set up a food stall somewhere in the Genting Kelang area.

Yes, we all know that this was illegal, but what about all the other thousands of illegal stalls around the Klang Valley, especially those set up by foreigners?

In the first place, most of these foreigners are here illegally and on top of that, they set up illegal stalls and get away with it?

How do you explain that DBKL?

Is some major hanky panky going on here?

Just look at the video below. How can all these guys get away with it while you go after some locals who are trying to earn a living?

Hishammuddin Ilham
Kuala Lumpur

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