Horrific Conditions in Zoo Negara Highlighted

Written by: Bernie Yeo | 02 Apr 2021 15:56
Written by:
02 Apr 2021 15:56

Zoo Negara is in a bad shape, as Facebook user Kinz Lai discovered. He has a first-hand experience of how dire the situation is at the national zoo after a visit on 31 March.

As of November 2020, Dr Mat Naim Ramli, the Zoology, Veterinary and Giant Panda Conservation Centre Director at Zoo Negara said that the funds they have are only enough for the zoo to survive another four months.

“As a national zoo, is the image Malaysia wants to represent? Is this what the tourists will see when they visit our zoo?”

He added that when the management said they couldn’t sustain themselves during the MCO, it was understandable but what’s their excuse now?

The school holidays have packed the zoo but the conditions remain the same where animals live in filth and even the air-conditioning doesn’t even work.

Image by Kinz Lai / Facebook

When he visited the aquarium, the fish tanks were so dirty he could barely see anything. He then visited the penguin area but was disappointed once again when he saw the horrible condition of the water where the penguins had to live in.

“Besides the main entrance, VIP car park and food stalls, there were no staff anywhere to be seen. There were no one cleaning the surrounding or making sure SOPs were followed.”

Image by Kinz Lai / Facebook

Kinz even said that most sections in the zoo were dirty and smelly while animals seemed skinny and malnourished. “I really don’t want to compare but I’ve been to the zoos in Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea and ours seemed the most backwards,” he wrote.

Kinz pleaded with the Malaysian government to do something about the zoo, at least to provide the animals with a clean water source. He ended the post by saying that the adult admission price of RM48 was simply not worth it, considering the condition the zoo is in.

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