Hail, our knights in shining armour!

Written by: MT Reader | 01 Dec 2018 11:28
Written by:
01 Dec 2018 11:28

This pictures speaks a million words.

Is the state of our so-called "gentlemen" in Malaysia these days?

Just look at this. All glued to their handphones, pretending not to see a pregnant woman standing in the train.

Are they the prime ministers of the country that they have such important needs to attend to that they cannot take their eyes off their phones?

Seriously, these men should be ashamed of themselves. Also, the woman looks like she is late into her pregnancy, making it all the more painful and difficult for her to stand during the journey.

It is unfortunate that I could not get my hands on the original picture and only one with their faces blacked out.

Otherwise, it would have given me great joy to joy their wives and families what a "real" man they have!

Julie Goh
Petaling Jaya

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