Girls followed by strange man at shopping mall

Written by: mottaman | 01 Feb 2019 10:04
Written by:
01 Feb 2019 10:04

A girl, Kak Ngah recently took to social media to relate her experience at Parkson Kluang where she and her younger sister, Adnie were followed by a man.

According to her post, they were coming down the escalator when her sister alerted her that a man had been trailing them for some time.

She did not believe it at first, but after making several u-turns and trying to avoid him, she realised that the man kept following them closely.

She said they then managed to go to an area where there were many Parkson workers there and waited for the man to go away.

"I was terrified. If he wanted to steal something, I don't really care, but what I was most worried was my little sister was with me," she wrote.

She said the man eventually went away and they managed to get home safely.

"We managed to get a photograph of the man when we were going down an escalator.

"We literall ran back home. I just wanted to alert others and also the management of this incident," she added.

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