Garbage bag smashes windscreen, leaves huge mess

Written by: MT Reader | 22 Nov 2018 12:03
Written by:
22 Nov 2018 12:03

When will we ever learn?

People have been killed after being hit by a chair thrown from the upper floors of flat units, but some still continue with it.

In a recent incident at a low cost flat unit in Johor Bahru, a car owner got a rude shock when he went to get his car the next morning.

Someone had thrown a bag full of rubbish from the upper floors right unto his car parked below.

The rubbish bag crashed through his windscreen and left a huge mess inside his car.

Not a great way to start a morning - left with a shattered windscreen and also a car full of garbage.

This kind of attitude is absolutely terrible and I am sure the person responsible will surely get what is due to him or her.

This problem is made worse with the large number of foreigners now renting from the owners of such flats.

Siti Norsiah

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