First they bathe nude, now he walks around naked

Written by: MT Reader | 11 Jan 2019 10:13
Written by:
11 Jan 2019 10:13

I don't know if people think Malaysians are some kind of joke or something, but the authorities had better take some action soon.

Remember the couple who were filmed in the nude in a fountain along Gaya Street in Kota Kinabalu recently, well, it did not stop there.

Apparently, the man was spotted walking around in the nude, except for a hat near Pavillion Bundusan in Penampang recently.

Pictures of him emerged on social media yesterday.

It is still not known if the couple are locals or foreigners, but it is high time they were nabbed.

Locals believe the man is mentally off, while others say they are just looking for attention.

Whatever it is, this is morally wrong and not something Malaysians are used to.

I strongly urge the police to nab these two soon before they do something else ridiculous.

Lew Teck Joon
Kota Kinabalu

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