Ferrari without road tax for more than two years

Written by: MT Reader | 17 Dec 2018 10:50
Written by:
17 Dec 2018 10:50

Some rich people either think they are above the law or simply pretend to be rich.

Each time we see a Ferrari go past, most of us tend to give it a second look as it is probably everyone's dream car.

Also, we tend to think the person behind the wheel is someone successful and a millionaire.

But, what do you make of someone who drives a Ferrari and has not paid road tax for the last two over years?

Well, that is exactly what our cops stumbled upon during a recent roadblock along the Kuala Lumpur - Karak stretch.

Probably this guy was either getting away through some illegal means or just never got caught.

During the operation, cops issued a total 94 summons for various traffic offences.

I urge the authorities not to take sides when dealing with these so-called rich and influential people and subject them to the same laws people like us face.

Siti Nor Ashikin

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