Ex-Minister is a pedophile?

Written by: MT Reader | 07 Jan 2019 13:11
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07 Jan 2019 13:11

A youth, who claims to be the son of a businessman with a "Tan Sri" title, has alleged that a highly-respected ex-BN Minister is a pedophile.

He made these allegations on a "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) thread on popular Malaysian online chat group, Reddit and was also carried on the Facebook Page, "Malaysia After Najib".

Using the handle "VikingTwat", the 22-year-old student who is pursuing his studies in the UK claimed that on one occasion, the ex-Minister brought two underaged girls to a meeting where his (VikingTwat's) father was present. 

He claimed his father was disgusted and left early.

He did not leave much other details of the incident, except that in public, the Minister was "respected and pious", had a family and was also "elderly".

VikingTwat was responding to a query from fellow Reddit Malaysia user who had wanted to know "the darkest secret only accessible to people like your family.".

Administrators of the chat group said VikingTwat had furnished proof of his identity to be a son of a Tan Sri.

As a Malaysian, I feel we all have a right to know who this so-called Minister is and I urged those in the know to lodge a report on the matter.

If this person is "highly respected" as claimed, then I can safely say that other children are in danger also and he should be put behind bars.

If the person making all these allegations has the relevant proof, then please do lodge a report accordingly.

Lee Teck Wai
Shah Alam

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