Don't get a maid if you're going to kill her

Written by: MT Reader | 13 Feb 2018 18:09
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13 Feb 2018 18:09

For most of us, having a maid to help out in the house is a luxury and I remember back then when it was so easy to get one.

However, due to some irresponsible employers who abused their maids, several countries, especially the major supplier, Indonesia stopped sending maids to work here.

Due to this, the demand rose terribly and that was when maid agencies stepped in and seized the opportunity by imposing sky high fees.

The fees went up to RM18,000 at one time and most of us were unable to afford maids anymore.

Now again, we are faced with another situation where the employers abused and eventually ended up killing their maid.

A mother and her two children have since been detained and because of them, we may once again have problems with Indonesia sending their people here to work.

I don't understand why these kind of crazy people get a maid in the first place.

If your intention is to abuse and murder her and eventually kill her, then please don't bother getting a maid at all.

Your cruel and stupid actions simply make things difficult for people like us who really need and appreciate the services of a maid.

Yanni Sulaiman
Shah Alam

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