Disappointed with MBSJ action against hawkers

Written by: MK Lee | 06 Feb 2021 16:43
Written by:
06 Feb 2021 16:43

I write to express my utter disappointment with Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya (MBSJ), which had sealed several hawkers premises at Taman Sungai Besi Indah, Balakong. This happened a five to six months ago but no reasons were given for the action.

As a result, the hawkers, operating next to the Flat Lama Sungai Besi Indah, were without any sources of income since that dreadful day. As it is, the COVID-19 pandemic has already made life difficult for these low-wage earners. Why MBSJ needed to seal the premises was beyond comprehension. In the MBSJ notice put up at the premises, no reasons were given.

The operators have sought the help of the MBSJ councillor in charge of the area to rescind the order. But after so many months, MBSJ did not budget.

I pray that MBSJ has a heart and quickly rescind the order, or at least provide reason for the sealing the premises so that remedial action can be taken. Worse still, MBSJ's action appears to be haphazard. Similar hawkers operating within the housing estate are operating. Why is MBSJ being selective?

I know these operators. They have been operating there for years and I hope they would be given a chance to operate again once the Movement Control Order is lifted.

MK Lee
Taman Sungai Besi Indah

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