Death caused by "Momo Challenge"?

Written by: MT Reader | 01 Mar 2019 11:33
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01 Mar 2019 11:33

Parents, be warned.

Apparently, authorities in The Philippines have warned parents to closely keep tabs on their children's use of the internet following the death of a boy, believed to have been influenced by the "Momo Challenge".

According to reports, Chlyv Jasper Santos took his life in his school in Quezon City. His mother believes the death was influenced by the internet trend.

“I will follow my master and I will kill them,” the boy reportedly said while he was in the intensive care unit.

After his d‌e‌a‌th, his mother discovered that CJ had a classmate who would h‌‌u‌‌r‌t‌ himself in school. She also found messages between CJ and the classmate talking about su‌ic‌id‌e games.

According to the mother, she then discovered her son’s online search history which included the “Momo Challenge.”

The “Momo Challenge,” is supposedly an online trend that entices children and adolescents to perform a series of dan‌g‌ero‌us tasks, including vi‌ol‌ent attacks and su‌ic‌id‌e, by a user named Momo via the WhatsApp app.

This is really sad and tragic and in opinion, the authorities should find ways of totally banning such applications.

What purpose do these apps have in the first place and why do people create such things?

This is really disturbing and as a parent, it troubles me to think that our kids have access to such dangerous things.

Madam Chong

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