Bikers, stop hogging the fast lane (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Feb 2018 11:30
This lady biker is courting danger by hogging the fast lane, says reader. Pic Screengrab
Written by:
12 Feb 2018 11:30

Dear Editor,

I refer to the video attached. I’ve encountered these sort of motorcyclists many times on the highway before.

Their engine capacity is not powerful enough to speed on the right lane, but yet they are adamant about sticking on it.

One thing for sure, they are courting real trouble by hogging the fast lane.

This is the lane many speeding vehicles use and chances are sometimes, they would not be able to step on the brakes in time.

In this video I received (watch below), this lady motorcyclist is speeding away on her low powered motorcycle on a highway.

A fellow motorist has sensed danger and warns her to move to the slower lane, but she refuses to listen and keeps speeding away.

I have encountered many such riders on the highway and truthfully, there have been occasions where I had nearly knocked into them because a number of them wear gear that is not easily noticeable.

Riders, unless you are using a superbike or something like that, stay away from the fast lane.

Stop hogging the lane because there are too many speeding cars behind you.

This is for your own safety.

Arif Karimi
Kuala Lumpur



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