Beware of this man on KTM's ladies only coaches

Written by: mottaman | 24 Dec 2018 12:58
Written by:
24 Dec 2018 12:58

Call it hilarious or just utter stupidity.

Cases of sexual harassment in Malaysia is nothing new and something women probably have to encounter on a regular basis.

However, would you go to the extent of dressing as a woman just to enter the women's only coach on a KTM train?

Well, this is exactly what happened last Friday.

According to a Twitter and Facebook post, a woman spotted a man disguised in a tudung and baju kurung just to get into the KTM ladies coach and harass unsuspecting female passengers.

The woman claimed that this is not the first time she had spotted the man on the train and recently, she saw him again.

Apparently, the pervert was spotted taking out his private part and then rubbing himself against another woman standing in front of him.

Since the post, other users have also come forward to say they had spotted the man before.

KTM has since urged passengers who see this man again to alert them via their hotline at 03-2267 1200 or simply contact the police.

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