Beware of increasing number of maid scams online

Written by: MT Reader | 06 Feb 2019 15:56
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06 Feb 2019 15:56

Please beware of the numerous online maid for hire scams which I feel has been increasing lately.

Knowing how desperate some people are for maids, more and more scammers are using this as a means to cheat victims.

Some of these scammers are even foreigners and also Indonesians.

Do not deposit any money into their accounts which they will claims is for immigration and flight ticket expenses.

Believe me, once you deposit the money, you will never see or hear of them again.

Numerous of my friends have been cheated this way and I just want to alert others of this.

There is no shortcut to getting a maid and the best would be for you to either do through an agency or go to the source country yourself.

Beware of these scams. None of them is for real.

Nuraishah Daud
Kuala Pilah

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