Another shocking animal abuse case

Written by: mottaman | 14 Mar 2019 11:34
Picture from Oriental Daily
Written by:
14 Mar 2019 11:34

In yet another case of senseless animal abuse, a dog was tied to a motorcycle and dragged for about 50 metres along the road in Kampar.

In the incident reported by the Chinese media last week, a man noticed the motorcyclist with the dog howling in pain just as he stepped out of a temple.

Unable to take what was going on, he approached some others for help and they instructed the motorcyclist to stop.

The motorcyclist, a man dressed as a woman in saree, loosened the rope and just rode off.

Police also soon arrived at the scene and managed to stop the motorcyclist for questioning.

Apparently, he told the cops he was taking the dog out for a walk!

The dog which was badly injured has since been placed at a rescue centre and is on the road to recovery.

Rescuers are hoping to find the animal a good home as soon as it recovers.

Animal lovers have also since appealed to eye witnesses to lodge reports to bring the person responsible to book.

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