'Just what are we consuming these days? (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 10 Jan 2018 21:09
The demonstration showed the york was unbreakable and hard, an indication it could be fake. Pic screengrab
Written by:
10 Jan 2018 21:09

I came across a video clip today about a man demonstrating what appeared to be fake chicken eggs.

In the video, the york appeared to be hard and unbreakable, which according to some friends I spoke to, said is one major indication that the egg is fake.

The person who made the video sounded very upset.

If his claims are true, who would not be upset, to be honest?

To be cheated of your hard earned money is one issue, but the greater concern is that we do not even know what harmful stuff is ending up in our stomachs.

It could cause food or blood poisoning or even cancerous for all we know.

Once again, Malaysians are left baffled and cheated as consumers as we are placed in dangerous situations.

Have we not noticed how such goods are becoming prevalent of late?

So, what’s next? Fake noodles, fake bread, fake fish, fake mutton?

How about fake flour, fake coffee and fake vegetables?

Just how are these stuff being allowed to be sold openly is really baffling.

What are the retailers doing? Don’t they test the products they purchase from the suppliers for quality and authenticity? 

Do they check the background of these suppliers in terms of licensing and authorization?

Fake eggs. I shudder to even think that my loved ones may have been consuming them without even us realising it.

Disappointing really of the things happening these days.

Y.S Teoh



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