Youths need to recognise the prospects of TVET

Written by: MT Reader | 18 Feb 2019 14:33
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18 Feb 2019 14:33

Sadly, most of our youths would rather earn RM1.500 - RM2,000 on a 9am-5pm office based job than get their hands dirty and earn much more.

From that, they spend money on food, traveling and parking, taking home a miserable few hundreds at the end of the day.

I don't understand why our youths these days prefer such jobs rather than numerous other jobs in the technical and vocational industries.

The government's move towards promoting technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is certainly one in the right direction.

Many youths do not see the potential in this industry and the kind of money they can earn here.

Despite efforts by the Human Resources Ministry, I believe other agencies and ministries should also play their role in educating youth on the prospects of technical and vocational education.

Why waste your time looking pretty in long sleeves and a tie when you can easily earn much more wearing a pair of torn jeans and getting your hands a little dirty.

The problem with most Malaysians is they do not see the long term potentials of vocational education and training.

Obtaining a technical and vocational education and training will also open many more doors for those seeking to migrate as there is great demand abroad for those with such skills.

Gone are the times when a mechanic was one with a small shack under a tree. 

These days, mechanics, plumbers and electricians are in high demand and youths should learn to recognise these professions and move away from sitting pretty at their desks.

Ir Mokhtar Din
Alor Setar 

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