What sort of 'crazies' are in our midst? (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 19 Feb 2018 10:16
The moment when a biker kicks another motorcyclist out of the blue in Gurney Drive, Penang. Pic Screengrab.
Written by:
19 Feb 2018 10:16

A video clip I watched yesterday on social media shocked me.

I watched it over and over again just to be sure if it was true that the incident truly happened in our country.

In the video, a man was suddenly kicked off his motorcycle by another biker for no reason in Gurney Drive, Penang yesterday.

The culprit then sped off and the 60-year-old victim has been hospitalised for injuries and chest pain.

According to the victim’s son, there had been no altercation between the dad and the unknown culprit before the incident so this is even more baffling.

All this was fortunately caught on a car’s dashcam and police are now in the midst of contacting the driver who caught the footage.

Penang police said it was only a matter of time before they get the culprit once they confirm the bike’s registration number.

I am truly appaled at what I viewed.

Was the culprit someone of unsound mind?

It appears as if he got some pleasure of doing such a sick thing.

If yes, it is scary that there are people like these on our roads, kicking people off their bikes and endangering the safety of others for no reason.

Like as if the road bullies we have on our roads aren't enough. 

What next? People behaving like cowboys and shooting randomly in the streets?

Who, are should I say ‘what’ do we have in our midst, really?

Shida Mazlan
Johor Bahru

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