What right does MIC have to criticise others?

Written by: MT Reader | 22 Mar 2019 11:37
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22 Mar 2019 11:37

As an Indian, I just want to know what right the MIC has to hit out at certain Pakatan Harapan Indian ministers after being in power for so long and doing nothing for the community?

MIC has been part of the ruling government all these years and honestly, there has been zero improvement to the lives of Indians in the country.

In fact, I believe the MCA could have actually helped more Indians than the MIC itself.

And despite all this, we now see certain MIC politicians taking a swipe at PH Indian leaders like Kula Segaran and Dr Xavier.

I have personally received help from these two ministers many years ago when they were not even part of the ruling government.

I had no choice then, but to go to them for help though at that time, they were in the Opposition.

The reason I turned to the DAP and PKR back then was because a certain MIC Exco members in Seremban kept hiding in his office and refused to see us when we went to him for help.

I was actually told by one of his own people that he would hide in his office and pretend not to be in just to avoid meeting people.

Lucky for me at that time, Kula and Xavier willingly met me and did what they could to help me.

Seriously, MIC, it is best you just keep quiet and let the others do their jobs.
 T. Jeya Balan

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