What is 11 months compared to six decades?

Written by: MT Reader | 28 Feb 2019 15:12
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28 Feb 2019 15:12

I was disturbed to read a letter in an online news portal recently about how voters in the Semenyih constituency should reject Pakatan Harapan.

Apparently, PH had failed in fulfilling their election manifesto and were also playing racial and religious issues.

For me, this is rather hard to digest considering the new government has only been in power for about 11 months while Barisan Nasional had more than six decades to create this mess.

Personally, I don't think even the best magician in the world could work miracles in just 11 months.

The damage left behind is extensive as most Malaysians know and logically, it would surely take a long time to mend.

It is only after cleaning up the mess that the new administration could actually begin focusing on other issues.

And also to label PH as being racist is also unfair. Have we forgotten the likes of Jamal Yunos and the Red Shirts - the kind of issues they used to harp on.

Suddenly, we see Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak going around as though he had done no wrong at all.

As Malaysians, we should not be so easily taken in by this new image and branding given to Najib - believe me, he is still the same underneath it all.

The problem with us Malaysians is that we easily forget and are also very forgiving. However, the damage done in the last 60 over years should not be so easily forgotten.

Just look at the number of illegals in our country, the level of corruption and the high number of crimes.

Foreigners were simply pouring into our country during BN's regime and we thought at one point the Bangladeshis would soon be the third largest community here.

There was maladministration in everything and people were literally getting away with murder.

Personally, I feel Malaysians need to give the PH government some breathing space and the time to get the nation back on track.

We gave the BN more than 60 years, so why are we being so hard on PH?

Saiful Nordin
Subang Jaya 

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