We smokers are not some kind of criminals

Written by: MT Reader | 04 Jan 2019 17:38
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04 Jan 2019 17:38

I am a smoker and have made it a point never to smoke in my house in front of my kids.

I do not drink nor have any other bad habits and occasionally my buddies and me would catch up at a mamak shop near our house to enjoy a teh tarik and have a cigarette or two.

Now with this new ban on smoking, I wonder if it is actually going to work in favour or against the people.

In my opinion, I believe it will only encourage more people to smoke at home rather than going out to smoke.

I feel the best option to appease both smokers and non-smokers would be to have a strict smoking and non-smoking zone in selected restaurants.

I have noticed some air-conditioned restaurants allocating a certain area outside for smokers and I think this is something very practical.

After all, we smokers are not some criminals who should be isolated and quarantined.

Also, we respect the rights of non-smokers and all we are asking for is some sort of compromise.

A smoker
Subang Jaya

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