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Written by: MT Reader | 05 Jan 2019 15:07
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05 Jan 2019 15:07

I come from a poor family and after my Form Five, I wanted to pursue my studies so badly.

However, I did not do very well in my Form Five SPM examinations and could not get admission to any of the public universities and therefore decided to try and pursue my A-Levels.

I knew my parents could not afford it but my uncle convinced me that he could get me some financial assistance, at least to pay for the initial admission fees.

I managed to get a job and wanted to do my A-Levels on a part-time basis.

All I needed was the initial registration fees which at that time was about RM5,000 in total.

As an Indian, my uncle suggested that we approach the MIC for assistance and I agreed.

I stay in Tanah Rata and at the time, got a room in Petaling Jaya to work and study.

In total, my uncle and I would have made 15 trips to the MIC headquarters and also to see numerous representatives in Cameron Highlands over my plight.

In conclusion, we ended up losing more money rather than getting a single cent.

I tried all kinds of avenues and completed tonnes of forms, but in the end, I still got nothing.

When I was about to give up all hope, I finally met someone who offered some genuine help.

He was not an Indian nor from the MIC, but was someone from an opposing party, in fact.

This man was a friend of my father and after hearing my plight, arranged for a small loan of RM3,500 which helped me out tremendously.

Years later, today, I have graduated as a lawyer and recently on my way up to my hometown, I saw this banner and just thought of what I went through.

As an Indian, I am ashamed to admit that we voted the MIC into power for many years and for all those years, I wonder if they really helped anyone, but themselves?

Tanah Rata

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