Washing cars to help daughter through school

Written by: MT Reader | 09 Jan 2019 12:38
Written by:
09 Jan 2019 12:38

I parked my car at Section 9 Shah Alam to buy some fruits for my mother and then suddenly a little girl, maybe around 9-10 years old began knocking on the window.

She asked me if I wanted to wash my car. 

At first, I said no but then I noticed she was wearing a school uniform.

I also noticed there was a man walking with her with a bucket of water and a cloth over his shoulder.

I guessed it was her father and then asked her how much for the car wash.

She said the price was up to me and I asked her who would wash the car.

She said her father would and I parked and got out of the car and told her they could wash it.

The girl then ran towards her father with her school bag on her back. The father also quickly began running to me with his bucket full of water.

At that point, I just took out some money and gave it to him and told him there was no need to wash my car.

I went back to my car and I felt really sad. I realised how lucky we are.

I found out that the man was actually going around washing cars as he needed to raise money to buy books for his daughter to go to school.

If anyone would like to help this man, his name is Sukumaran Sanmugam, from Padang Jawa, Klang and his bank account no is BSN 1000 2410 0006 1565. 

It is up to you guys. Thanks

G. Shankar

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