Unfair to label all landlords as racist

Written by: MT Reader | 15 Feb 2019 11:38
Written by:
15 Feb 2019 11:38

While I must admit that there are still many racist living among us, not all of us are.

As a landlord, I admit I prefer Non-Muslim tenants. This is not because I am racist, but for simple, logical reasons.

For one, I am Chinese and pork is consumed almost daily in my house.

I have four rooms and we only occupy two, so we rent out the others.

I have a son and also a pet dog which is very friendly.

Also, I allow my tenants free use of the kitchen, which is also where we eat and cook our meals.

Based on this, you can understand why we prefer Non-Muslim tenants.

It is not because we are racist, but because it would be terribly inconvenient to both sides.

I suppose preference to tenants of a certain religion is part of living in a multi-racial society and to brand all landlords as racist is rather unfair.

Simon Teoh
Petaling Jaya 

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