The life of stray dogs in Turkey

Written by: MT Reader | 02 Dec 2018 15:07
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02 Dec 2018 15:07

I came across this in the Malaysia Animal Association Facebook page and found it very interesting.

Rather than resorting to killing strays, the Turkish government has found a much better way of overcoming the problem.

The post on the MAA page read:

"During my visit to Turkey I noticed many street dogs just chilling on the roads or next to people in the parks in a peaceful way - not running around or barking. As soon as I got close to them I found a tag on the dog’s ears and I have noticed the same tag on most of the street dogs in Istanbul.

After I asked some people about the tag and searched online, it turned out that the government had a team to search for street dogs and take them to special places where they give them a shower and vaccinate them and give them a name which is attached with that tag and let them free wonder the streets safely. The tag also has a small GPS for the team to locate that dog to vaccinate it regularly.

This is the contribution of a government that has a population of 80 million to the animals and the creations of Allah.

Please stop the killing, it’s very shameful. We can solve this by creating an organisation that vaccinates and cleans the street dogs. I’m sure it’s possible to do this with donations from the people who are against the killings."

Very interesting indeed. Do you think it's workable in Malaysia?

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