Syed Saddiq was not using RM4k sneakers

Written by: MT Reader | 12 Dec 2018 14:43
Written by:
12 Dec 2018 14:43

Social media is a powerful tool and often it is abused by certain parties who prefer to simply post stuff rather than check their facts.

A good example would be with regards to Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq recently.

Someone on Twitter claimed he was wearing shoes worth RM4,000 while we, the rakyat were suffering.

The person went on to say that even our premier was only using a pair of Bata slippers.

Eventually, netizens pointed out that the shoes were only RM377 and were given to Syed by his elder brother as a birthday gift.

Had others not known of this, the minister would have received tonnes of brickbats for nothing.

I have personally been a victim of such abuse and I know how it feels to be wronged for no reason at all.

While the internet is full of knowledge, it can be malicious if misused.

These days, many are trigger happy to post anything they hear without bothering to check any facts.

Please guys, we have to be careful. Such news can ruin a person, both professionally and emotionally.

Leticia Foong
Shah Alam

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