Surgery, all because of a bead from a head scarf

Written by: mottaman | 16 Jan 2019 11:17
Written by:
16 Jan 2019 11:17

Parents, take note.

A mother took to social media recently to highlight how a small bead from her head scarf entered her toddler's ear, causing an infection.

According to her, the bead probably entered the toddler's ear when she was carrying him.

The parents did not realise anything till they noticed some blood on their little one's ear.

They then took him to the hospital and only then realised what had happened.

The little one had to undergo minor surgery to have the bead removed.

"Please forgive mummy, darling. Daddy had warned me on numerous occasions not to use such tudungs.

"Be careful mummies out there ... don't want this to happen to your little ones," she wrote.

So, parents, be alert. Never take anything for granted.

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