Suicides among students worrying

Written by: MT Reader | 07 Jan 2019 19:18
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07 Jan 2019 19:18

Are we driving our kids to the brink of suicide or are there flaws in the current education system that need to be addressed immediately?

Whatever it is, the two recent incidents of a 17-year-old girl jumping off the fourth floor of her school building, and another a 13-year-old boy threatening to commit suicide are worrying.

While reasons for the girl jumping off the building are not known, the boy was apparently upset because he was placed in the last class after failing a basic computer test at a school in Bukit Mertajam.

This brings to light several issues.

Are parents placing too many expectations on children, are children burdened with too many high expectations and are there flaws in our education system that need to be fixed?

Also, these days, there is stiff competition among students themselves as to who would excel.

A parent revealed that his teenage son who studies in a government school was almost driven to suicide because he was constantly bullied by his seniors.

Though these issues may sound trivial to most, they are certainly not.

Close monitoring and the slightest behavioural changes should trigger alarm bells and we must be constantly on the ball.

According volunteer groups, close monitoring of our child's behavioural pattern is the best way to detect any signs of depression.

Depression and stress if not detected and addressed early can lead to numerous complications, including suicide.

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