Students eat pizza for first time - tks to teacher

Written by: mottaman | 15 Mar 2019 11:20
Written by:
15 Mar 2019 11:20

For us city folk, grabbing a pizza on the way home is no big deal and something we can do anytime.

But for children from a school in Sarawak, SK Kampung Kut Daro, eating pizza is a luxury - especially since the nearest pizza outlet is more than two hours drive away.

So, when their teacher, Alia Nadiera asked them who had eaten pizza, no hands went up.

Saddened by this, the teacher went home and told her mum, who happened to be an expert cook and together, they made 32 mini pizzas.

This was enough for the whole school as there were only 32 students studying there.

And coincidentally, the day the kids got their first taste of pizza was also the teacher's birthday.

"So here we are. Sedang menikmati pizza mini. On my birthday.  Food makes me happy so i make people happy by giving them food. Thats what i always do," she wrote.

What a super cool teacher...

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