Student leaves note, RM100 after hitting car

Written by: mottaman | 24 Feb 2019 15:55
Written by:
24 Feb 2019 15:55

Considering the tight budgets university students go by, RM100 is probably pretty big money to most.

A student from UiTM who accidentally hit another car recently near BSN in Gelugor, Penang, left an apology and RM100 compensation, instead of simply driving off.

In the note, the student explained that he or she was going to the laundry and had forgotten to pull the handbrake when the incident occurred.

Not wanting to simply drive off, the student wrote and apology and also put RM100 in an enveloped and left it on the windshield.

Netizens have since praised the student for his or her honesty instead of just driving off.

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