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Written by: MT Reader | 10 Jan 2018 17:37
Many of us ‘fortunate ones’ tend to forget there are so many struggling families on the other side of the fence out there.
Written by:
10 Jan 2018 17:37

The other day I was having a conversation with my daughter about her school calendar for the new school year session.

One subject that was touched was how much and what sort of tuition she felt she needed.

As the conversation picked up, I inquired about her school friends and how they were coping with their heavy school load.

With a sad look, my daughter told me that a number of her school mates could not afford tuition classes, and that is one of the reasons why they do not do so well in school.

I dug for more information and found out that many of these students come from poor backgrounds,  and most of them live in the PPRT neighbourhood.

“It’s not that they are lazy, their parents just can’t afford the (tuition) fees,” she told me.

I have to admit what she told me made me very sad, and I wished I had the means to help all of them, but that was almost impossible.

All I could do was to tell my daughter to help coach them as much as possible, and to share her revision books and notes whenever they needed them.

My point here is that we may be lucky enough to afford these little ‘extras’ like tuition, music, swimming and badminton lessons and so on for our children, but please always remember that many others can’t even afford school bus money sometimes.

I think many of us ‘fortunate ones’ tend to forget there are so many struggling families on the other side of the fence out there.

On that night of the conversation I had trouble sleeping.

I kept thinking about these underprivileged children and how they are being deprived of lessons that could help them achieve better results, and even go on to succeed in life and change their families’ lives.

There are a few things I would like to suggest to all readers here to do your bit to help unfortunate children if you feel you can afford that extra cash:

Sponsor a child for at least one tuition class. Your child should be able to inform you who in her or his class badly needs it but cant afford it. Get several of your friends to help out other students too if they want.

Of course it’s best to discuss this with the students’ parents first and get their consent.  

If you know of  any friends who are teachers, maybe you can suggest that they conduct free lessons once a week for poor students. Perhaps, they can rope in some of their colleagues too for different subjects.

If you are linked to any NGOs, maybe you can get these NGOs to sponsor tuition classes as well for these students.

As for me, I have already made contact with the parents of two students and they have agreed to let me pay for their children’s tuition fees.

All these done in private, of course, without for the whole school and neighbourhood to know.

I may not be able to help every underprivileged child, but if many more of us would start doing the same, then we can make a real  difference.

They can’t afford that extra, but some of us surely can.

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