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Written by: MT Reader | 01 Feb 2019 14:57
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01 Feb 2019 14:57

I am a taxi driver and last year, I met with an accident while working.

Fortunately, the injuries I sustained were not too serious, but it did leave me with a slight permanent disability to my left arm.

Lucky for me, I had my personal insurance which my children had purchased for me years ago and I was able to get some compensation.

If not for that compensation, I would have probably not been able to make it through those two months which I could not work.

In view of this, I want to urge other cab drivers and e-hailing services to make sure you make your contributions to the Social Security Organisation (Socso).

You can never take things for granted and I know a majority of these drivers do not make any contributions at all.

The initiative to provide coverage to such drivers was initiated by the government recently and will come into effect soon.

There was no such scheme then and I now urge all drivers to register with Socso and make their contributions accordingly.

We can never take these things for granted and must be prepared for a rainy day.

A. Sinnathamby

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