So, what kind of dog was it? asks reader

Written by: MT Reader | 13 Mar 2019 10:18
Written by:
13 Mar 2019 10:18

Being part of the legal profession, I have heard many excuses given by lawyers to delay and postpone cases, but seriously, the one by Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah takes the cake.

As a kid, I am sure many of us have blamed our pets for our failure to submit our homework, while our dog has frequently been blamed when we are due to pay a debt.

"My dog ate the ATM card," is a pretty common excuse, but a dog inflicting a wrist injury ... well, that's a new one.

Since his excuse, netizens have had a field day on social media, with many wanting to know what kind of dog it was.

Some guessed it must have been a Tibetan Mastiff, while others said it was a Doberman or German Shepard to be able to inflict that kind of pain.

Even other lawyers joined in, saying they were thankful they did not own a dog so their wrist was not at risk.

Anyway, what has a wrist got to do with a presentation in court?

All things aside, I must thank Shafee for giving us a good laugh and hopefully his cat does not do something the next time!

TS Leong
Shah Alam


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