Sitting along the roads for meals and the danger

Written by: MT Reader | 21 Nov 2018 12:17
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21 Nov 2018 12:17

The recent incident where a woman was killed while eating at a stall is not the first such incident.

Each time I see people sitting outside eating along the road, it send shivers up my spine, thinking of all the negative possibilities.

Apart from the number of drunk drivers we have on our roads, there are also now so many foreigners who are probably driving without a valid licence.

As a Malaysian, I know many of us enjoy sitting outside, especially the smokers, but this is getting very dangerous.

Perhaps, the authorities should come up with some kind of guideline where such outdoor tables can be placed.

Each time we sit outside, especially with our families, we are putting everyone at risk.

We can never know when a car, or even worse, a lorry will lose control and ram through.

Personally, I don't see any solution to this problem, but I strongly feel something needs to be done to safeguard the people.

Anita Thomas

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