Selfish driver stalls fire engine in Johor

Written by: Bernie Yeo | 30 Mar 2021 10:15
Image from World of Buzz
Written by:
30 Mar 2021 10:15

Whenever sirens blare when you’re on the road, it’s a given for drivers to clear the way for ambulances or fire engines in emergency situations to pass through unhindered – even if this means squeezing into the next lane that’s already filled with cars.

But there are still some people who are unaware of that unspoken rule (either that, or they just couldn’t care less). This is evident in the TikTok video that went viral over the weekend, where a car In Johor was seen blocking the path of a fire engine that had its sirens turned on.

What made the sight even more preposterous was the fact that while other cars were seen swerving aside to try and clear a path for the fire engine, the Wira driver decided to cut into the empty path ahead of the fire engine rather than getting out of the way.

The driver of the Proton Wira was also seen trying to become an unofficial ‘escort’ for the fire engine, going to the extend where they turned on their car’s hazard lights and attempted to stop traffic at an intersection with their hand.

The clip was originally shared on TikTok by user @wawan0405, a firefighter who posted the video along with a caption that can be translated from Malay as ‘Please cooperate when you hear emergency sirens, and do not follow this driver’s example. Thank you.”

Malaysian drivers are notorious for their bad attitude on the road, but this is a whole new level of selfish. Fire engines and ambulances blare their sirens and lights to indicate an emergency situation, and in this case, what would have happened had the fire engine been unable to reach their location on time?

In situations like these, it certainly doesn’t hurt to practice some civic-mindedness and be less petty and selfish on the road – people’s lives are on the line, and your selfishness could cost someone their life.

Watch the video here.

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