RM150 and a note to renew road tax

Written by: mottaman | 07 Mar 2019 10:23
Written by:
07 Mar 2019 10:23

Great to know there are still kind Malaysians out there.

A girl, Nur Aqeela recently received a pleasant surprise when she noticed a pink envelope on the her car windscreen.

Asking her friend to open it, she was shocked to find three RM50 notes inside with a note attached.

Someone had noticed that her road tax had expired and left the money for her to get it renewed.

She was totally stunned that there was someone so generous out there and even wrote a reply to the stranger.

She explained that she would have to return the car to her parents soon, but assured that the money will be used to renew the road tax.

Well, whoever it was, it was truly a great deed.

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