Rich man messes with wrong guy (video)

Written by: MT Reader | 18 Dec 2018 14:43
Written by:
18 Dec 2018 14:43

The guy in the video below probably thought he could bully anyone he wanted just because he drives a fancy car.

However, the motorcyclist had other things in mind and decided to teach the Mercedez driver a thing or two.

Apparently, the driver of the car was upset over some minor traffic misunderstanding and confronted the motorcyclist.

However, the verbal argument took a turn and the motorcyclist, who was wearing a sarong is seen whacking up the driver.

Members of the public who witnessed the incident managed to pull the two apart.

Guess the two probably settled their problem and went on their way.

This video drew attention among netizens who mostly took the side of the motorcyclist as they felt the driver was just trying to be a rich bully.

Leong Weng Keong
Shah Alam

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